Photo of the Week (08/29/2012): Green bee-eater close up

Something overland for a change, the green bee-eater is a common bird in our national parks.. From Wilpattu to Uda Walawe and sometimes even in Colombo you will see these green gems flitting back and forth. Keep a close eye on them and you can see them snapping butterflies and dragonflies out of the air.


They do have a habit of returning to the same perch after hunting so for the patient photographer offers a good chance of photographing launching or in the case above, if you're slow on the trigger, just about to take off.

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Rajiv Welikala said...

Lovely image !

So sharp and in focus, love the colors too !!!!!

you never get sick of seeing these wonderful birds. They are so full of life and so beautiful

Great work !!!!