Photo of the Week (03/26/2012): Kos at night

One of my favourite hang out spots in the world, the peaceful villa Kos.


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Photo of the Week (03/19/2012): Cargo Clown

The resident clown fish on the Cargo Wreck in Colombo. Resident at least until one of the fish collectors gets him.



Photo of the Week (03/12/2012): The Devil Bird

The Forest Eagle Owl with a Brahmin kite it has killed, taken in Wilpattu. This is one of the candidates for the Ulama or the notorious Devil Bird whose call is supposed to foretell death for those who hear it. Legend or not the bird must be extremely powerful to have killed a fellow predatory bird.



Photo of the Week (03/05/2012): Wilpattu Villu

An elephant feeds in a villu in Wilpattu, for me a timeless image of what once was and can be if we do everything we can to protect our natural heritage for future generations.