Photo of the Week (05/25/2012): Crinoid on Coral, Channel 62 at Havelock Island, Andamans

Our first dive at Havelock, at Channel 62 left a bit to be desired, a boring rock without much life. Yet in such barreness there were still some opportunities for photographs, like this Crinoid on a purple coral.



Photo of the Week (05/14/2012): Jackson's Bar at Havelock Island, Andamans

Welcome to diving in the Andamans, soft coral, blue water, anthias by the thousands and a hunting coral grouper, Jacksons Bar (25m) Havelock Island (India).



Photo of the Week (05/07/2012): Bait ball at the Cargo

Bait ball! Towards the end of the season millions of tiny fish congregate on the Cargo Wreck where they are pursued relentlessly by other fish. They all bunch up and move as one in an amazing ballet as they try to avoid being eaten.