Top 10 Memorable Ocean Experiences of 2011: No. 04 – A Blue Day at Degalmeda

You tend to associate blue water and crystal clear waters with the outer reefs in Colombo. The bone crunching hour plus long boat rides in the tiny boats and the surface intervals in the blistering sun. All for a few brief snatched moments of bliss in the big blue. You anticipate those days with the seemingly unending miles of visibility but are wary of them at the same time knowing you will suffer, suffer willingly but still suffer.

This day on Degalmeda was different though. As I took the anchor off the rock and moved it to the sand I looked up and the vista was breathtaking. The anchor rope stretched a light blue against the canvas of the ocean waters. In one fell swoop I could see the reef, the two accompanying divers and the boat almost appearing to float magically above us with light shards dancing around us. This just a 20 minute gentle boat ride from the shore without any of the usual punishment and in November nonetheless!

The perfect dive, lots of things to photograph, blue water, zero current and accomplished buddies a hop, step and a jump from Colombo’s shores.


GG said...

Love the blue

Offthebeatentrack said...

It is a beautiful location in good conditions!